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Our Team/小林制作团队

Lin Production is incubated by a group of experienced producers, designers, and developers based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Leveraging our experiences in inter-cultural production and communication, Lin Production is created to best serve our Chinese clients with their production projects in Europe.


Team/ 团队


As an Amsterdam-based film producer, Arjen specializes in international production service, has a deeply rooted passion for China and is fluent in Mandarin. After studying Chinese language and culture for 8 years, he spent one year at the Directors Department of the Beijing Film Academy. During the last 17 years, he has been involved in numerous cultural and commercial film projects related to China. He loves working with Chinese people and sees the bridging of Chinese and European film and media industries as one of his main callings.

Arjen (王洋 )身为资深电影制作人,特别热衷于参与跨国、跨文化的制作,尤其是对中国文化最为向往 。自从2000 年毕业于北京电影学院(导演系),Arjen 参与过无数个中国的广告、电视、电影、纪录片等的海外制作项目,并能以流利的中文沟通。 因为这份对中国文化与电影的热爱,Arjen 希望能在中国与欧洲的合作制片上做出贡献,並以促进中国与欧洲的影视交流为生涯目标。



Stone is a talented director born and raised in Beijing, China, and has already called the Netherlands home. Graduated from Communication University of China and Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, Stone has taken crucial rules as a director in both Chinese and Dutch video projects. Her work spans film, TV production, documentary, TVC, to music video and motion graphic design. Being able to work with a wide variety of styles and approaches, Stone is always looking forward to the opportunities to succeed in directing international productions between the Netherlands and China.



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Technical Producer
Thom is an energetic and creative producer who is very good at keeping all facets of a production running. He is experienced in facilitating Live production and to provide all-around technical solutions. Moreover, he has recently supported the technical production for “Voice” and fell in love with the Chinese culture.

Thom 是一位充满创意以及热诚的制作人。个性开朗,喜欢接受各种不同的挑战,私底下非常细心,善于把关制作品质及注意制作细节。近期投入直播视频的制作及技术突破,Thom熟悉各种摄制工作及技术执行。曾参与开讲啦海外个别节目的技术制作,希望有一天能到中国参观旅游。

Lin Production works closely with many partners, including experienced production crew and design/ production companies.

Companies we work together with:

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Fixer/ Producer, Business developer
Joanne Lin is an expert in filming, TV production, advertising, digital communication, marketing/PR and social media management. Having worked for years in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Amsterdam, Joanne is familiar with the production industries in both Asia and      Europe. Past productions including the special episode of China’s TV show “Voice” (CCTV-1) which took place in the Netherlands.